Tommy’s Grand Flight

Tommy’s Grand Flight is a work in progress!

Tommy Jensen is a 12-year-old fighter.  He battles what no kid should ever have to deal with, the big C. He spends so much time in and out of the hospital that it feels more like home than home.  He knows  that his parents do their best, but life for Tommy feels pretty drab, until the day he uncovers something amazing. When Tommy finds a magic button that makes his hospital bed fly, he discovers a whole new way to look at the world.  There is one catch to all of Tommy’s new fun, though, everyone believes he is making up the stories. More than anything, he hates the look of sadness and fear of the inevitable in his Mother’s eyes as he talks about his adventures.  Will he ever find a way to show her the truth? Follow Tommy on his thrilling journey into a world free of pain and worry, a world where cancer has no meaning, and time stands still for a little boy who dares to dream.


(The following is a short excerpt from Tommy’s Grand Flight)

Tommy craned his neck to look under the rail, and saw an odd little black button.  Strange place for a button, he mused.  Why would it be here?  He allowed his fingers to touch it briefly, confirming it really was there.  He put his head back on the pillow and lay thinking about it for a few moments.  Very strange place for a button, he said aloud.  Most of the buttons in his room he was not allowed to touch, but the ones he could access, like those to turn on the TV and to call the Nurse, were on the handy little call-box strapped to his bed.  He had never seen a button like this.  I wonder what it does…

Copyright © Carla Marvin 2012 All Rights Reserved.


4 Responses to Tommy’s Grand Flight

  1. Greg Miller says:

    Based on our conversations and the text I’ve seen, I think you’ve got a real kernel of story going here. I really like the idea of having the adventures being “surreal” moments.

  2. I wonder what the button does…
    If he presses it, will the bed take him for a short ride?
    Whatever it does, it will be interesting to find out.

    • Carla Marvin says:

      Hehehe, Mary, you will have to read the book to find out 🙂 I hope to have it completed and in the editing stage before the end of this year for sure!

      • Carla, thanks for the nice comment on my poem “Evening Pastels.”
        Don’t forget…..I am still waiting for Tommy to push the button, so I can find out what happens. Are you still working on the book? I hope so. I need to know the ending!

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